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Who we are

What we believe

IMPACT Equities Group is a real estate investment firm based in the Western suburbs of Chicago that aims to acquire, rehabilitate, and re-position multi-unit property in the Chicagoland area. We provide a safe and profitable way to move your investments out of Wall Street and put them into local communities.

Our competitive advantage is our ability to find undervalued properties through our expertise in the real estate industry as well as our strong relationships with local lenders.  We are connected to a network of contractors that will bid on projects to ensure we are getting the most competitive pricing on our rehabilitation and development cost.

Prior to the creation of IMPACT Equities Group, the company's founder gained experience and developed expertise as a top ranking renovation loan specialist in the Chicagoland area.  This adds to our company's competitive advantage when it comes to overall risk assessment and in the evaluation of potential tenants. 


Vision Drives Passion. 

We have big ideas and plan to leave this world better than we found it.  We install quality products and spend a few extra dollars to make energy efficient improvements.  

Our vision is to deliver an innovative investment platform that allows people to grow their wealth and improve their communities.


Our focus is to continually search for strategic investment partners and properties that will deliver excellent returns.


​Our goal is organic, sustainable growth.  Our individual investors are critical to our success.  We will grow their wealth to increase our own.


-An investment with IMPACT-

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